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Building a solid future for your business

Whether you are building a new building for your business or renovating an existing business, Spring House Builders will create and build a solid foundation for your future. By taking responsibility for your entire commercial project, Spring House Builders President Steven Stowarz takes the stress and confusion out of the project and replaces it with trust, clear communications, and commitment to a timely and budget conscious building process. With certified and insured sub-contractors working closely with Stowarz, you will be assured of the highest level of expertise and experience brought to your project. A high competitive advantage, an eye for detail, and experienced relationships with architects and engineers brings Spring House Builders to the table ready to maintain high competitiveness in all bidding projects. What makes Spring House unique is their attention to detail and their commitment to building a relationship with you, the client, a trait so often absent in the construction industry. Call us today, to have any questions about your project answered. You’ll be glad you did.

Areas of Expertise

  • Awareness of all commercial codes and laws, relationships with architects and engineers
  • Understanding of business management of projects
  • Commitment to budget and time
  • Certified and insured sub-contractors available to meet commitments
  • High level experience on all size business projects
  • Highly competitive bidding
  • Your business project is our business project
  • Intense knowledge of geographic areas in the state
  • Availability to be on site for direct supervision
  • Trustworthy, transparent, honest, open communications and relationships

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